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The Pleiku Airbase Association

Pleiku AB, South Vietnam 1966 - 1972

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Association Officers

Due to COVID-19 we canceled our 2020 reunion; all Board Members volunteered to serve on the board until elections are held at the 2021 reunion.

Current Board member / officers are:

Officer Name Position Year
J.D. Smith (with assistance from Vickie Smith) President, Secretary, Treasurer 2020-2021
Steve Jaeger Vice-President 2020-2021
Pat Madaus Director 2020-2021
Steve Shelt Director 2020-2021
Phil Yokum Chaplain and BX Coordinator 2020-2021
Roberta Raymond-Meighen Event Coordinator 2020-2021
Ron Chromulak Media Coordinator 2020-2021
Vickie Smith and Roberta Raymond Newsletter 2020-2021
Michael Mullins Website 2020-2021