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The Pleiku Airbase Association

Pleiku AB, South Vietnam 1966 - 1972

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Membership Information

NOTICE: Due to website issues we can no longer use the previous method of downloading

the MEMBERSHIP FORM.  Use the instructions below to download and print.



Membership in the Pleiku Airbase Association is open to any service member,from any

branch of the military, that served at or around Pleiku Airbase during the Vietnam war.


“New” memberships are accepted anytime with a fee of $30 for the current year. Membership “renewals” are done annually for all members, with dues of $30 to be paid by January 31st of each year to remain on the EMAIL/USPS list for newsletters, reunion updates and other information.



1.  Right click your mouse on the form image on the right side of this page and select “Copy image” from the dropdown box.

2.  Open your word processor, and on a blank page “Left click” to “paste” the forms image on the blank page. 

3.  Resize the image to fill the page and then print out, fill out and mail in with your check.


-  PLEIKU Website Introduction & New Member Instructions -

This websites design and its hosting service has been donated to our Association by website developer David C. Dalton, son of Donald W. Meador, an EC-47 pilot with the 362nd TEWS at Pleiku in 1968-69. We thank Dave, and as well his wife Christine (who did a lot work on improving the quality of our photos), for the tremendous amount of work they have given this effort. This totally 'unsolicited' gift, to remember his father's and our service in Vietnam, will be forever remembered and enjoyed by our members, and as well, it will be a resource for non-member military and the general public to see and perhaps better understand through our personal memories, the events we were so close to those many years ago.

  -  For Our Non-member Guests  -

We welcome your visiting our website and hope that by doing so you may better understand the experiences and brotherhood of our members that served at and around Pleiku Air Base in the "Highlands" of II Corp, Vietnam, South East Asia. It was little different than that experienced by those that served in Korea, WWII and all other previous wars, and as well, today's conflicts wherever our troops are deployed. The politics . . . . different, the weapons . . . . different, the experience . . . . different, but yet, in many respects, so much the same.

To the many Army and Marine veterans whose units surrounded Pleiku Air Base and often provided needed protection for our base throughout the years, and for whom we in-turn provided combat air support during their ground operations; if you have no formal unit reunions or gatherings, we welcome your membership should you wish to join us. Brothers-in-Arms, all.

Regards, and enjoy our website -

Michael Mullins, Webmaster

 -  For Our Pleiku Association Members  -

We have been given the means and opportunity to share with each other and many others via this website, the memories of our youth during the war. Those without such experiences cannot relate to the strong bond we have with our fellow members due to our shared experiences and sacrifices.  Whether our length of service was short or spanned decades, whether our rank was enlisted or officer, whether we were an 18 to 21-year-old kid or an old man of 25 to 50 or more, whether our jobs were mundane or dangerous, done in an office, a maintenance shop, on the flight line, a bunker or aircraft cockpit we were and remain BROTHERS, to this day and beyond.

As you discover the website content you may well find omissions and errors, as the amount of data that has been newly found, reformatted from the previous website or otherwise obtained has been massive. The structure that Dave has provided will make it possible to correct, update and add information as it's needed. Should you find errors or have other 'more accurate' data that could contribute to the story of your, or other units at Pleiku, please attempt to document the information as completely as possible to facilitate possible inclusion on the site. This is an effort that will continue to evolve and improve only with accurate and constructive inputs from you, the members. To suggest or submit information for the website please reach out to me via my personal email or the ‘Contact Us’ feature found under the ‘About Us’ tab.

Having a "password" will allow an 'Association Member' to have access to the restricted data (phone #'s, email address, etc.) on the Membership – Membership List tab and also have the ability to create a photo gallery/album and add photos (w/captions) which are then displayed under the Photos & Video - Member Pleiku Photos tabs.

 How to Create a Password

After joining our group via application and paying the dues your contact information will be entered into the Membership Database – when you see this has been done you can then create a password as follows: 

Read all of the following instructions (maybe twice) before starting:

NOTE: Passwords (for security reasons) must be 6 characters minimum and contain letters and numbers with at least one UPPER case letter.

First, go to the Membership tab and select the Login option - 

Initially, enter your email address and a password that you want to use (write it down); It will ‘not work’ on this ‘first attempt’ but you will see the following message –  "Forgot your password?  Click here to have it emailed to you."

You'll then receive a “temporary password” via email that you can use to actually login for the first time and then change the “temporary password” to the one of your choice (“New Password”) that you wrote down.  This is done under the Membership Area – Update Your Login Information tabs.


How to Create a Member Pleiku Photo Gallery (Album)

At the bottom of the Member Area - Update Your Information tabs there is a box which allows you to create a Member Pleiku Photo Galley.


How to Add Photos to Your Album:

Once you have created the photo gallery per above then go to the Member Area - Add Photos to Your Members Pleiku Photos tab and use the "Choose File" button to select the photos you want to add. 

You can reorder the sequence of the photos by using the Order Member Pleiku Photos tab found just below the Add Photos tab you used above.


How to Add Captions to Your Photos:

To add a caption to any photo, use the Member Area - Add Caption to Photo tab.  (Letters and Numbers only - NO SYMBOLS) 


 -  Maintaining Your Personal Data  -

Members are responsible to keep their own personal data (home address, email, phone numbers, etc.) current by making changes to the form provided under the Member Area – Update Your Information tabs.