Pete McAskill

This photo was taken in June 2001 in Lexington, MA.

"I was standing in front of a panel of the Vietnam Wall looking at the name of an A-1 Skyraider pilot, Paul T. McCllan. His plane was shot down during the I-Drang valley battle in 1965. The I-Drang Valley was the first major battle in Vietnam in which over 300 Army soldiers were killed."

"As I was looking at his name, there was a tap on my shoulder. I turned and saw a women with cameras around her neck. She is a photojournalist for a local news paper. She asked if she could interview me. I said that was OK. Later she sent me this photo." Pete McAskill, 6th SOS



           Two Pleiku veterans meet. Major Bernie Fisher, (right), Medal of Honor recipient, 
           and Pete McAskill (left) met at the dedication of Medal of Honor Park, in South 
           Boston.   Pete was an A-1 mechanic and Major Fisher was an  A-1 pilot.


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