Jim Wade Collection 1966

Air Freight - 1966 Lake Bien Ho 1 Kids in Pleiku City
Pleiku City 1 Lake Bien Ho 2 C-47 Gooney Bird
Pleiku City 2 Lake Bien Ho 3 C-7 Caribou
Pleiku City 3 Lake Bien Ho 4 At Lake Bein Ho
Pleiku City 4 Pleiku Tent City Barracks Hootch Girl
Pleiku City 5 Freight Yard Tug in Freight Yard
Pleiku City 6 Freight Yard 2 Jim on Ramp with C-47s and Rescue
Forklift Freight Yard 3 Jim and Ashley
Softball at Pleiku Freight Yard 4 Barracks and Tent City
Tent City Warriors TMC Office Jim and ?? in Barracks Area
Jim in Freight Warehouse TMC Office and Andy R and R aircraft (C-54)
Jim in Pleiku Jim in Tent City R & R Flight to Phillipines
Showers and Barracks 3 SPS and JIm  
Barracks Jim and Buddy  
R & R in Phillipines Jim Wade in Tent City - 1966  

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