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UPDATE:  07 November 2017

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It is with much saddness to report that longtime Association member and Treasurer, Tim Meighen, passed away this week. 2018 REUNION The 2018 Pleiku Air Base Association reunion will be held in Branson, MO. More to come soon!!
The November 2017 issue of the Pleiku Air Base Association newsletter, The Highland Air Times, has been mailed to those with paid up membership. The next edition will be mailed in February 2018. If you have an item for the next newsletter send it to: pleiku-lpa@sbcglobal.net Only dues paying members will receive a copy.
2018 Membership Dues Note that the Dues are $25
When you receive your copy of the Highland Air Times the envelope will have an indicator of your
dues status.   If you have  M-18 on the left side of the envelope it means you have paid your 2018 dues.
If you have  M-16 you are delinquent.  And if you last paid your dues prior to 2016, you aren't going
to get a copy of the next Newsletter.   Download a Membership Form by clicking here.

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